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Using Video to Engage Your Customer

使用 品牌视频吸引您的客户


Branded video content is a way of advancing a specific message in a simple and easy to understand manner.


We Specialize in Producing Videos with the Problem-Solution Approach to bring out the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your Organisation, Brand, Products and Services.

品牌视频是一种以简单易懂的方式推进特定消息的营销视频 我们专注于使用问题解决方案制作视频,以展现您的组织,品牌, 产品和服务的独特卖点


Increase Customer Engagement 增加与客户的互动

When your marketing messages are simplified in short and engaging videos, you can communicate and engage with your customers in a more efficient and effective manner!

当您的营销信息简化为简短且引人入胜的视频时, 您可以更有效率地与客户进行沟通和互动

Increase Sales 增加销售额

By incorporating a Call For Action in your Branded Videos, you can effectively convince your customers to do business with you, as these short and engaging videos will capture their interest!

在您的品牌视频中加入联系方式,您可以有效地 说服您的客户主动与您做生意,因为这些简短 而引人入胜的视频将吸引了他们的兴趣

Build a Stronger Brand Identity 建立更扎实的品牌标识

Your customers can understand and relate better to your brand through such short and engaging videos!




We Humanize Your Brand

Unlike traditional advertisements, branded videos don’t sell anything, in fact, most of this content doesn’t even mention the brand at all. Instead, branded video content helps humanize your business by connecting to viewers emotionally and strengthening your brand voice.

与传统广告不同,品牌视频不卖任何东西,事实上, 大部分内容甚至都没有提到品牌。相反,品牌视频内容 通过在情感上与观众联系并加强您品牌的声音,让您的业务人性化

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Make Videos That Bring Companies to Life

A Company Story tells the story of your company, mission, and values. They can be a great tool for connecting with customers, sharing your passion, and humanizing your brand. Company story videos often feature team members talking testimonial-style about what they do and why they do it.


分享热诚和人性化品牌的绝佳工具。公司故事视频通常以团队成员为主, 以见证风格采访, 谈论他们为公司做了什么以及他们为什么这样做

Process to Create Your Video

Video Cost

Production Duration

Depending on the style and complexity, a commercial video production typically costs between RM12,000- RM20,000. Budget factors include: style and complexity of the video, length of video, where you anticipate the spot airing, licensing fees for music and talent, etc. 

Usually takes 6-8 weeks to produce. We will go through the process step by step to make sure that your video engaging the right concept. pre production, production, as well as post prouction. 

根据风格和复杂性,商业视频制作成本通常在 RM12,000-RM20,000之间。预算考量的包括: 视频的风格和复杂性, 视频的长短, 播放平台, 音乐版权费以及演员佣金等等

制作通常需6-8个星期的时间. 我们会通过前期, 中期,和后期制作的过程以确保视频符合客户的要求

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